Ataleek proviedes end to end schooling solution for the learning needs of the students in grade 1 to 12.

The Services offered through this platform have already bin deployed, tested and tried in all the schools run by Taaleem Foundation since 2015. The proof of concept has stood the test of time and is thus being replicated across Pakistan.

Sailent Features

Education Theme based on modern and demand driven educational package as per International Standards; and compatible with all prevailing school systems in Pakistan

Teaching Methodology based on pedagogy and Interactive learning tools

Course Outlines based on Students Learning Outcomes (SLO), integrating multiple source educational content

Quality Content in form of videos and animations, which are streamlined with international course curricula and aligned with local examination boards in Pakistan

e–Learning includes online classes with integrated Learning Management System, digital book format and study packs in tutorial format for both Teachers as well Students.

Online Classes using modern technology to deliver Live Classes via Internet in which the students can participate and interact just like being in a physical classroom

Recording online Lectures and place these on cloud based web portal remains a premium facility.

Learning Management System caters for providing a web-based access to e-content, academic calendar and daily lesson plans to teachers as well as students alike, integrated in a dedicated browser for ease of teachers as well as students.

External Academic Coordination facility to facilitate deployment of e-Services and monitor teachers’ performance throughout the academic calendar including following add –on facilities:

  • Resource Development for Teachers
  • Animated Tutorials related to subject content
  • Power point presentations
  • Quiz / spot tests

e-Assessment Online Computer Based Testing System (CBTS), based on Artificial Intelligence and dynamic database, which is simultaneously compatible with all the Boards of Secondary and Intermediate Education in Pakistan.

Learning Options

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This is the solution for adult education and accelerated learning through multi-grade teaching. Suitable for non-formal education, out-of-school children, children with special abilities and the students enrolled in any religious institution.

Best suited for homeschooling and madrassa education.

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This is a frenchise model for any formal school offering I-XII education and operating in Pakistan or abroad; and wishing to partner with ATALEEK.

The partner school should have elaborate physical campus with appropriate IT/technology infrastructure and qualified human resouce.

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Ideal for a student enrolled in Grade VI to XII, who is open to seek knowledge through access to online teachers and educational resources by using LMS.

Equally good for an individual teacher who seeks to share his/her teaching and mentoring skills with the students online by using Ataleek portal.