ATALEEK is an interactive EduTech platform, developed by Taaleem Foundation and ICT4E Consulting, whereby modern educational technologies are used to transform knowledge that focuses on conceptual learning as opposed to traditional rote learning. Quality schooling, e-Learning platform, modern curriculum, e-content development, animated educational videos, online teaching, online assessment, skills integration, publications and teachers training are just a few success factors of this education eco-system.

Our Technologies

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Learning Management System (LMS) is an online portal of our EduTech Platform, containing course books and supporting educational material, including video lectures, animations, handouts, work sheets, daily lesson plans, ppt presentations and assignments etc.

The content is fully integrated with the prescribed curricula of all the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan.

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Vitual Schooling brings interactive classrooms with uninterrupted power supply, Internet connectivity and video conferencing facility through e-Learning platform.

The system connects professional teachers at the back-end studio with interactive classrooms for real-time online teaching of the subjects of English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Urdu, Social Studies, Islamiyat and Holy Quran.

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Computer Based Testing Service (CBTS) is based on a dynamic and robust database to measure the Students Learning Outcomes (SLO) through e-testing facility with individual login and password.

The system, based on Artificial Intelligence, offers great flexibility with randomized set of questions for each student and instantaneous results, with a provision to repeat if needed.

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Electronic Resource Planning (ERP) solution that we bring along is a product of Info Access – the leading business analytics company in Karachi, Pakistan.

It provides end-to-end school automation solution for improved efficiency at relatively reduced cost. The system offers cloud-based and paperless operational management and monitoring support to all stakeholders in a secure environment

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Internet connectivity ensures live sessions for provision of regular online learning through web-based applications that include LMS, CBTS and biometric attendance.

A dedicated bandwidth of 4 MB is recommended for each School / Academy to support e-learning platform and ensure efficient video quality of e-Learning content.

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All live sessions taken online or offline are adequately recorded and archieved on Ataleek portal with view to facilitate revision / repitition of the lessons.

Each such lesson is properly edited and referenced for future use and research purpose.

All this content adds up to resource library.

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Biometric Support

As part of the solution, biometric based attendance of students as well as teachers is remains a good option.

This is a low-cost yet high-impact gadgetry supporting the monitoring function in the schools.

Indigenous technologies play a great role in data intact and accessible all the time.

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Power Supply

Unintrupted Power Supply up is considered essential for running e-Learning platform, preferably through installation of solar power supply system with 4 hours power back up.

Each interactive classroom requires approximately 600-700 watts of uninterrupted power supply for running the operations smoothly.